The last 23rd May the project “NETFOOD – Networking for Food Challenge” obtained a very important award. The project won the “PA SOSTENIBILE 2018” prize, received by the project leader “Istituto per la Famiglia (IPF) of Albano and Ariccia” for the category “circular economy, innovation and occupation”.

The ceremony took place during the convention “
Italy 2030: how to bring Italy on a path of sustainable development”, organised by Forum PA together with “ASVIS – Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development” in the frame of Sustainable Development Festival.

Graziella Pazzano, VicePresident of IPF did not hide her great satisfaction for this significant achievement: “The NetFood – Networking for food challenge has been included among the best 100 more relevant proposal respect to almost 300 contestant projects. It has been awarded together with other important institutions as the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, many Universities and Regions. Over time, it will produce a stable added value for every stakeholder, also for local institutions. We are very proud of it!”.

The Italian Ministry 
of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) co-funded NETFOOD project with an amount of 50.000€. The main purpose of the project is the creation of an innovative platform in order to manage recovery and distribution of food surplus in Rome metropolitan city.

The innovative system, that reduces the waste of food, aims to be replicated at regional and national level in order to improve its impact.

The project involves several no-profit and profit participants and actors, which collaborate with their different experiences and competences for the achievement of project result: Cooperativa Sociale “Fede in Azione” ONLUS, Maendeleo for Children APS, Consoft Informatica S.r.l., Associazione IPF della Castagnetta, Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica Pentecostale di Albano Laziale and Associazione Chiesa Evangelica Cervi Castagnetta). This project is also supported by the Municipalities of Albano and Ariccia and by the NDSAN Network.

By the online Platform, the project is developing an integrated system that can connect all the main stakeholders involved in the collection and the distribution of food surplus, to make this system more efficient and faster for people who need it.

In the platform it is possible for restaurants and agrifood enterprises to communicate in real time to IPF the amount and the type of their food excess so as to facilitate in food collection. The project leader, IPF will manage the stock and the following redistribution of food waste. The redistribution phase could be implemented directly or in collaboration with other no-profit organisations interested in the field. The involved municipalities of Albano Laziale and Ariccia play a strategic role in the project thanks to their closeness to the people at local level, they can reach more easily families and other disadvantaged people. In addition, these municipalities will promote a guide in which it is explained who can benefits from the incentives introduced by the National Law 166/2016 (“
Legge Gadda”) that seeks to encourage the sustainable and responsible use of food, with the aim at reducing the waste of it.

At the end of the project, it will be organised a dinner made with the collected food excess. It will be invited both all the project partners, the Municipalities, other relevant local institutions and local communities, and homeless, families and other disadvantage groups who have benefited from this social initiative.

NETFOOD shows that it is possible to carry out 
good sustainability practices in reducing the waste of food and in the redistribution to vulnerable groups thanks to efficiently synergies between public and private sector, and profit and no-profit organisation.