The “R.E.New. Al. Skills” project has started

The “kick-off” meeting of the project “R.E. New. Al. Skills” (acronym of “Real Estate New Alternative Skills”) has taken place in the Economy Faculty of the “Sapienza” University in Rome, the last 5th February. This project, supported by the “Erasmus Plus” EU Programme, is led by the Business School “Mands – Masterandskills” and it includes 12 participant members coming from different parts of European Union. Among them, three legal subjects are also part of the NDSAN international network.


The purpose of this project is the redefinition and the promotion of a new set of knowledge and skills in the Real Estate field, to create new and qualified professional figures, according to the ESCO parameters and to overcome the traditional buying & selling logic. During the project lifetime, there will be an integration of different concepts as the Asset, the Property and the Facility Management with the ones of domotics, ecodesign and energetic sustainability. A web platform will be realised with the aim to stimulate and encourage moments of share and comparison among the project participants. has interviewed the “Mands – Masterandskills” Co-Founder & Business School Director, dr. Cristina Menichelli, to know something more about this exciting project.


Dr Menichelli, what is the cultural change that this project wants to bring inside the Real Estate Field?


The global economic crisis has been going on for over ten years, and now we are slowly letting it behind us. It has left a powerful impact in Europe on the different industrial and financial sectors, also in the Real Estate field. Its old conception, built on the “buying and selling” idea, it is collapsed with the rise of the financial crisis.


Although this crisis has had terrible social consequences, it has also played a part in a reconsideration of the markets, as they’re moving their axis towards the production of tangible and intangible values, that could reinforce the relationships between enterprises and its stakeholders and shareholders. In particular, the Real Estate sector is going towards the concept of “values” as upgrading, management and optimisation of the spaces and its conditions of use. The millions of square metres of the Real Estate properties left unsold (or in the worse hypothesis, abandoned) because of the global crisis have accelerated a process of cultural change in the Real Estate field. In fact, it will allow exchanging best practices between its player in the countries involved in this project, with the ambitious aim of creating certified guidelines to design the new job title of the Real Estate Manager, capable of giving answers to the needs of the cultural change that is going on in this field.

On the labour market there will be a new professional figure, with technical and broad skills: for that, it will be organised a pilot course of the latest generation, in which the best 30 candidates will be prepared to face these new challenges.


How did you come to imagine this new job title?


As founder and director of the Business School “Masterandskills”, I can say that we have yet tested this executive master, that is arrived at the 4th edition at the Memotef Department of the “Sapienza” University of Rome, with excellent results in respect of the market big player. They have absorbed the 100% of the outputs, for what concerns the obtained skills from our students.


Both in the international market and in the national one, we succeeded in obtaining excellent performances about the matching between needs and results.


Italy, with Masterandskills as leader project of “R.E.New.Al Skills”, will act as a driver towards all those partners coming from Southern Europe, which are still at the beginning of this cultural change, with the aim of filling the gap between Northern and Southern Europe countries.


As it is a project pilot, what will be the next steps that could realise a learning programme approved by the European Union?


The ECVET Certification is a valid passport for the course and this new job title. But the next step after the creation of a Permanent Forum about this subject (that is the last step of the R.E.New.Al. Project), it will be without any doubt to open a debate with the Real Estate field at the worldwide level.