The crowdfunding opportunity for non-profit organizations

Crowdfunding has become a great instrument to finance a lot of different projects: books, travels, films, that are supported by a “crowd” of people who would find worth funding a determined idea.

A growing number of charity organizations have also succeeded in their goal to raise money for their own project depending on the help of their online and offline supporters. How to do it?

First of all, as the word “Crowdfunding” is self-explaining, the supporters of a non-profit organization play a key role in the transition of an idea into something real or, however, feasible.

To reach the highest number of people is important to choose the more appropriate crowdfunding platform, among a long list of them: there are some that are mostly dedicated to startups or for-profit projects to be financed and others, instead, are only for charities and their dreams to come true.

A lot of platforms address their service to this latter category: just to say some of them, there are in this part of the field Startsomegood, YouCaring, Chuffed, Pozible.

Each one of these sites has its proper advantages, giving to every charity the opportunity to start a crowdfunding campaign and to spread it out by e-mail, newsletter and social media.

The possibility to share the campaign through different tools become essential in order to involve more and more supporters in the project that needs a big amount of money.

To do this, the first step is to build a strong presence on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the aim to share the campaign with friends and followers.

Then, it would be better to choose a pleasant name for the project to be financed and to build a story to go with the campaign: it could help to put in contact more and more donors and to involve them in the project.

Once that the campaign will be online, it will be almost mandatory to update the supporters on the social media pages about the trend of donations and the next steps of the campaign.

Obviously, a successful crowdfunding campaign has not to be planned just online: very important will be also the organization of offline events and the coverage of the campaign by local media as TV or newspapers, in order to involve a specific target, more linked to a more restricted geographic area.

Another important aspect to consider in a crowdfunding campaign concerns the fundraising model: a lot of platforms let decide to the charities if they prefer taking the raised money in the lifetime campaign, also if it is lower than the established minimum amount (model “take it all”) or, instead, they prefer the option “all or nothing” that could allow to them to receive the funds only if they reached the fixed sum of money they need.

Moreover, the most important thing will be always to remember that the more a charitable project will have a strong social impact for a community, the more it will be supported and financed.