Napoli City Piano 2018: high notes for Naples

Let’s imagine about Naples: a magic city, that shines for history, culture and, obviously, for music. Here, the “Neapolitan School” has been an important reference point since the XVI century for a great number of musicians and composers.

Saverio Mercadante, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi or Domenico Scarlatti, are such big names for the fans of the Opera: with the latter, for example, the Opera as we know it has seen the light.

To honour this huge musical tradition, the last 23, 24 and 25th March the magical sounds of pianos have echoed in more than 60 public places in Naples: in theatres, libraries, avenues, museums a lot of pop, jazz and rock music have been played by many professional pianists.

Thanks to “Napoli City Piano” the doors of some beautiful living rooms have been opened, in order to allow to very few lucky people a great and unique experience of a “home concert” by piano.

The piano centre has been established inside the Maschio Angioino, the most important monument of Naples, that was the major location of the event.

One of the most interesting concerts have taken place in Piscinola, a north Neapolitan suburb: here, the main event of the 24th March has been the exhibition of Andreas Kern, musician and creator of the international kermesse “Piano City”. During his show “The spontaneity”, Kern has played the piano in his “unconventional” way, delighting the audience with some masterpieces of classical music.

The event has been organized by the social cooperative “Mazra”, Italian  member of NDSAN (New DSA Network),  in collaboration with the Association “Centro MaMu – Arte e Cura nella Globalità dei Linguaggi” and the Organization “Vulenno Vula’”. It has also seen the participation of several artists as Roberto De Siervo, Francesco Lettieri and Sasà Priore.

Mozart’s father in a letter adviced his son to forge his career in Paris because in Naples there were yet 300 “maestros”.

Today, after “Napoli City Piano”, he could remain of the same idea. Naples is still the city of the pianoforte.