An “Help Network” against poverty

Help Net work project aimed for “help and support towards the social stratum in poverty” has been running from June 2017 . It is led by the charity “Istituto per la Famiglia Onlus – Albano e Ariccia” and supported by Regione Lazio. It has the advocacy of three municipalities situated near Rome: Albano Laziale, Grottaferrata and Ariccia.

Help Network represents a great example of collaboration for a social action between different voluntary bodies: volunteering organizations, social promotion entity, social cooperative, Catholic Church and Evangelical Church operating in different areas of the southern province of Rome. Among them: NDSAN Network, Maendeleo for Children Onlus, Fede in Azione Onlus, Misericordia di Ariccia, Associazione Tuscolana Solidarietà.

Each member carries forth a specific action so as reach more and different needs all the same time.

HN offers support with food–clothing – counselling– transportation – shower services and brief residential accommodation for homeless and last but not least spiritual support.

The assisted persons receive help either by reaching the daycare centres, open throughout the week or by requesting home intervention mostly destinated to elders and disabled.

The Social services of the local institutions advise HN members of urgent situations for with a quick an urgent response is needed.

Food support is given thanks to the convention of Banco Alimentare which provides food through the FEAD European programme but also from collecting food from either supermarkets or bakeries and restaurants in view of a food waste limitation action.

All the services are held mostly by volunteers nevertheless the employment of persons has been needed to cover specific actions as : monitoring of the project, registration of the beneficiaries connection with the local institutions, connection with the donors of food, transportation , collection and distribution of food, home care assistance, dissemination, budget control and report .

Help network is the realization of an organization formed by different members that provide help and work.

Graziella Pazzano