A step closer for Arianna and Selene’s Olympic dream

Arianna Sacripante, an extraordinary synchronised swimming talent affected by the Down Syndrome, won the gold medal in 2016 at the Trisome Games in Florence with the Italian team. On 12-13th May 2018, thanks to the “Progetto Filippide”, she also competed in pair with the Italian World Swimmer Champion, Giorgio Minisini, at the 27th Para Synchronized Swimming Festival in Kyoto, in order to realize her dream to participate to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Arianna and Giorgio received the best score for their stunning performance, reaching in this way the top step of the podium. Selene, a special friend of Arianna and a talented synchronised swimming athlete affected by the Down Syndrome, took part in this Festival. She reached the 3rd place in the final ranking for the individual discipline.

Arianna and Selene have been able to participate in this enormous athletic event thanks to the “Progetto Filippide” Italian association, a NDSAN member. In this regards, Nicola Pintus, President of “Progetto Filippide”, affirms that the participation of a team, composed by Giorgio Minisini and Arianna Sacripante in the athletic competition, represented a great goal in order to tear down walls to the social-inclusion of people affected by Down Syndrome.

In addition, “Progetto Filippide” has launched the “Operazione Tokyo 2020”, a crowdfunding campaign on its website in order to contribute to the financial expends of the athletes for the participation at the sport event in Kyoto. The fundraising campaign has obtained € 7.500 exceeding the desired amount fixed by the “Progetto Filippide”. A great achievement!

Also, according to its Corporate Social Responsibility values, Alitalia Company has supported the athletes offering the ticket flight to Kyoto for all the participants.

In 2016, “Progetto Filippide” in collaboration with the Italian Swimming Federation, inaugurated a Synchronized Swimming Academy for athletes with Down Syndrome as well as an athletic project with the aim of enhancing the social inclusion.

Thanks to the opportunity offered by the “Progetto Filippide”, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are not out of reach now for Arianna and Selene!