The great change of Facebook

Facebook is the most known social network in the world. A huge number of enterprises and non-profit organizations are on it, through their own social page, in which they can share and post all the news about their own business. From there, each institution can update their friends, users, or simply “fan”, about their present and future activities.

From this year on, things have changed: Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and the founder of Facebook, has chosen to make a change in the News Feed algorithm.

In fact, it has been taken the decision to advantage contents like posts or pictures of relatives and personal friends of each Facebook user, with the purpose to encourage the most significant social interactions among Facebook members.

As anyone can imagine, it takes a direct consequence: if relatives and friends posts will be put first in the News Feed algorithm of Facebook, the social media page of enterprises and NGO will have less visibility.

It means for them a decrease of a number of key indicators as the reach (as to say, the number of people reached by a specific Facebook content), the engagement (the interactions in a social media page) and visualisations (the amount of the times in which a content is viewed).

To resolve this problem, all the experts agree that also the social media strategy will have to change, for all the people who manage a Facebook page: they can follow two different paths.

One, it will lead them to build contents good enough to generate discussions and interactions. Another one, it is about the promotion of the contents produced by the social media page: to have more visibility on Facebook, enterprises and NGO will have to pay, in order to make that the algorithm will give prominence to their contents on the Facebook members home page.