Marche Music College: new prospective on music and teaching

Marche Music College is a music school consortium fulfilling the need of new expressive and working paths for musicians and music teachers.

The digital, scientific and technological revolution has determined huge changes on the musical scene: computer and software become the main instrument for the sound all over the world.

YouTube and social media are the main diffusion channels and they demonstrated the power of music plus image combination, characterised by a unique grammar and a whole new expressive language. The gap between the generation that grew up with records and live concert and “the millennials”, raised up in a whole digital word, is immense.

Scientific research in the neuroscience field is testifying the importance of music in developing brain skills, but also underlining the criticisms of the old teaching methods, stuck in ‘50es techniques.

Changes in the music world can be seen as a treat or an opportunity. Marche Music College believes in this second hypothesis. It backed the change and thanks to a Regione Marche project called “Music for Screen”, it got a recording studio, a wired room and professional equipment to produce high quality video (from film making to editing), starting several training activities aiming to create a productive system of musician, composers, sound engineers and film maker.

The innovative approach is applied also on music teaching, with a special attention on new brain discoveries: scientific publications are suggesting more and more exercises and solutions on learning and musical training, scarcely manageable with traditional techniques.

On these scientific bases, constantly monitored by the faculty, Marche Music College is working on rhythm analysis, listening skills, creativity development, new genre testing and good practice, aiming to create new evidences to share.